Chiriya's Thai Cuisine
Chiriya Keawcharoen-Moore and her older son Justin are the co-owners of Chiriya’s Thai Cuisine. Chiriya was born in Thailand and immigrated to the U.S. in 1976. After studying English for a few years she entered Kapiolani Community College on Oahu where she studied culinary arts. She then worked for a few years at John Dominis, an upscale and popular restaurant in Honolulu. Chiriya though, had a strong interest in fashion and soon went to work at a women’s boutique in Honolulu, Villa Roma, where she honed her fine sense of style and fashion.  Chiriya met her future husband, John, while living in Hawaii. A few years after they were married, they moved to Texas living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for five years. Both of their sons, Justin and Brandon were born in Texas. In 1992 the family moved to Japan where they spent four years.  In 1996 the family moved to Savannah.   In 2006 Chiriya opened the first Chiriya’s Thai Cuisine in Chatham Plaza.  She successfully brought together her native Thai culture, her love for Hawaiian culture and her sense of style to put her restaurant on the map as the best restaurant for Thai and Hawaiian cuisine in Savannah.   That restaurant closed its doors in December 2012, but Chiriya quickly found her new location on Victory Drive in Thunderbolt and reopened in May 2013 with Justin as her partner.
Justin is a 2005 graduate of Calvary Day School. While working with Chiriya in the restaurant, Justin realized he had a knack and love for the culinary arts and enrolled in Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, N.C. where he graduated with his associate’s degree in culinary arts in 2011.  Justin worked at Chiriya’s original restaurant as well as several other restaurants in Savannah before becoming Chiriya’s partner at their new location.  

Chiriya’s other son and Justin’s younger brother Brandon, graduated from Savannah Arts Academy in 2009. He enrolled in the Military College of South Carolina, The Citadel, in 2010 and will graduate in 2014. 
​ Chiriya’s husband of 28 years is an employee of the Savannah District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 



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